Thursday, September 12, 2013

Caimán - That Means "Hot Tomato" in Spanish

The Blog surges forward! 

roughly one and one-half weeks ago i boarded not 4, not 3, but 2(!) planes to transport me and my dreams to España, Spain with a quick stop on the east coast. 

after minutes and minutes spent perusing many of the duty-free shops at Newark, i was on my way to spain, famous for spanish people!

at this point in Our Blog, I'd like to share with you the first picture i took in spain. before landing in barcelona, a fine united airlines pilot flew around the whole city, giving a quick aerial tour of the skyline for everyone except those in the aisle seats.

i was inspired by the beautiful views to take this picture:

this picture doesn't capture the entirety of the culture and history of the city, but it's certainly better than anything you can find on or while difficult to see in this image because of the lighting, barcelona is a coastal city sandwiched between towering mountains and sandy beaches.

barcelona tip:
in barcelona, the locals refer to barcelona as barcelona

stay tuned for more pictures and barcelona tips!
adios in spanish!

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