Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"pues, mi ensalada esta frio" -- that means "well, today can't also be tuesday" in Spanish!

Happy Morning Interested Readers, or as we say in Spain "Please leave before the other customers get angry" 

Boy am I glad to continue speaking to you through this text on your computer screen and girl am I excited that you made the homepage of your browser! It seems as though Hanukkah came early this year for me!

The Blog is surely gaining notoriety and popularity, particularly among Japanese teenage girls. One travel blog critic, we'll call him Anonymous Simon Hochberg to protect his identity, even claimed "This is the only study abroad blog…"
Well Anonymous Simon Hochberg, thanks for supporting your colleague, but I'd wager to say there are at least 3-5 more study abroad blogs out there. Check out this web site. It's like RottenTomatoes but for study abroad blogs:"e"intomatoes

My time in this country continues to be not boring!
I've found many Frigo Happiness Stations and I'm having a great time with my study abroad program CIEE.
CIEE: "We'll Change Your Soul"
CIEE really hooked it up with a cool-as-heck dorm. Here, there's always a warm smell of colitas rising up from the air.
Let me tell you a little about the neighborhood I live in.

It's great.

I promised my Photography of Anything but Nature professor that I'd post a few pictures I snapped around Barcelona so yesterday, I participated in a 10 mile walking tour through some of Barcelona's most interesting and unique walking sites. I took over 300 walking photos and I posted an album of the walking tour below today's Barcelona Tip.

Barcelona Tip
The album link is directly below this sentence.

Well thats all for now,
To God!

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